There is hardly any need explaining that software app development is a time consuming process that requires much time and effort. However, any experienced developer knows how to make this process faster and easier. Thus PHP offers a number of powerful and extremely functional frameworks, aimed at making application development more efficient and less complicated.

Here is the list of 7 best PHP frameworks that allow developing agile, and what is more important, interoperable apps.

7 best PHP frameworks

#1. Phalcon

This PHP framework is undoubtedly one of the fastest. Phalcon is widely used for the development of micro, multi-module and single-module applications. In other words, it is a perfect choice for building full MVC apps. Among the most beneficial features offered by Phalcon are assets management, translations, universal auto-loader and, of course, security. Many developers also choose this PHP framework for its low learning curve.

#2. Laravel

Having a rich set of useful features, Laravel enables developing front-rank applications with an easily-tested code. The framework comes with an excellent ORM, efficient queue library, simple authentication, straightforward routing and also features a lightweight Templating Engine.

#3. Symfony 2

Of all PHP frameworks, Symfony 2 has the largest community of fans. For the moment, the framework has more than one million downloads and more than 3 hundred thousand developers on board. The number of code contributors is also impressive – more than 1 thousand. One of the best things about Symfony 2 is its high flexibility level, which means it can be easily adapted to your particular needs.

#4. Codeigniter

This is undoubtedly the most elegant and simple tool for the development of web applications.  Codeigniter has a clear and comprehensive documentation. It is compatible with standard hosting and offers extremely high performance. Codeigniter is easy to learn and therefore is the best choice for beginner developers.

#5. Yii Framework


This PHP framework is characterized by a high level of performance and a rich set of efficient features it comes with. Yii offers lots of automatic processes, however its learning curve is pretty high. When building applications with Yii framework development you avail a number of benefits, like an absolute code reusability, a built-in authentication support, compatibility with the third party code, interface localization, date, time and number formatting and many more.

#6. Zend

This powerful framework is a real catch for PHP developers who are interested in building high performance applications on the web. It offers cryptographic coding tools and allows building your projects in a quick and hassle-free manner. Zend will ideally suit the needs of developers who specialize in creating enterprise applications.

#7. CakePHP 3.0

This framework is crammed with useful features, the most remarkable of which are numerous helpers and  improved components, enhanced consistency of conventions and session management, amazing ORM and increased modularity. CakePHP 3.0 is widely used for the development of commercial apps with a high security level.


Whatever PHP framework you choose for your web application development, Lezgro will deliver you an outstanding product, tailored to your business needs.