Nowadays, there has been an increasing demand for privacy and security features on smartphones. In this Bring Your Own Technology or BYOT culture, it’s invigorating to see how one smartphone can safely, and securely mix work and play, in ways we have never seen before.

Why is there a need to lock specific applications?

The day-to-day grind holds many privacy risks, from nosy friends or colleagues eager to glimpse at your private life, to curious kids trying to acquaint themselves with technology or sneak in extra mobile game purchases. Locking your phone can be tedious sometimes and hence the solution lies in having a sophisticated security app.  Hexlock allows users to locks select applications, and is capable of distinguishing different Wi-Fi networks, allowing it to automatically set to pre-authorized security interfaces, such as: Home, Work, or Parental Control.

Best App for securing your device – Hexlock (App Lock Security)

Hexlock is the most suitable app for this job. Developed by Liquidium, this is the security app that can help you protect your smartphone from any unauthorized access by locking individual apps instead of your phone. This nifty, little 4.14 MB Hexlock app is available on Google Play for free and proves to be very powerful.

applock specific locks

About Hexlock App

Upon installing, the app will require you to choose between a PIN or a pattern. This option can be changed at any time from the settings. In the case that  you forget your PIN or pattern, you can change it, from the options in the top right hand corner, by verifying your Google account. You will need to enter your set pass-code or pattern every time you open Hexlock or any locked app.

set lock in hexlock

Customize your own lock profile

In the app, you can select and set profiles based on your frequented locations like work, café, school, home, etc. There is also a “parental” profile which can be used when you hand over the phone to kids. There is an “off” profile as well for those trusted and safe environments, where the phone does not need protection. You can create up to six profiles which are easily named, renamed, and color coded.

various profiles
The setting up of profiles is simple. Just swipe left or right to bring up the profile, pull up the bottom to display the list of apps, and select the ones you wish to lock. When you are done, just tap the profile icon to activate it. Easy peezy!


During testing of Hexlock, the primary area of observation was the app’s load on the phone and battery consumption when it is active. Surprisingly, the added layer of security does not hamper your phone’s performance. The pass-code entering or pattern swiping is fast, easy and smooth with little lag when you open the chosen apps. You can also set a lock delay time when multitasking so that you can switch between apps with little or no friction. In case you repeatedly enter the wrong pass-code or pattern, not to fret, the app will not lock you out of your phone for extended periods of time, no matter how high the number of failed attempts.

lock specific apps on android

Extra features of Hexlock – App Lock Security

Hexlock gives a very fluid feeling which makes switching between profiles less tedious. And if that’s not enough for you, Hexlock also has an added feature of auto-activation profiles based on the Wi-Fi networks you connect to. Enabled this feature from the app’s settings menu, you will be required to assign the Wi-Fi network to the profiles of your choice. Once it’s done, the app saves and remembers these personalized settings for user’s convenience.

hexapplock notification

Fingerprint recognition

The fingerprint recognition is only available for Samsung phones as yet. But as such sensors are becoming common on various Android phones, it won’t be long before this feature is supported for phones across the board.

You can also see some ads on the startup screen, which can be removed with an in-app purchase of Rs.10. The ads are not exactly intrusive, but an ad-less experience is always nice.