Kids nowadays are getting more advance everyday when it comes to technology and they are now referring to their Smartphone or Tablet to get most of the entertainment that they need whenever they are bored. What is good about having these gadgets on hand is the promotion of the Android applications that kids can enjoy. There are a lot of Android applications that kids can choose from but not all can be kid friendly. To give parents and kids an idea of what to download on their gadgets, I have listed the Best Android Apps for Kids that they can start with. If you have a small baby then you might be looking for best android apps for toddlers. Apps listed in this article are for educational purpose. Your kid can learn and grow by using them. However, overuse is not recommended.

Best Educational apps for kids

  1. Endless Reader

Endless Reader is a Free Android App and is now one of the most downloaded apps for kids under the category of Education. This application helps the kids when it comes to familiarizing themselves with new words by the help of colorful pictures and cute characters that represents the words. This application also allows the kids to solve puzzles and help them in constructing sentences. This is a fun and exciting way to learn commonly used words in English. A great application for children aged 7 and below.

  1. Kids Doodle – Color & Draw

Kids Doodle – Color & Draw will bring out the artistic side of your kids. This application is generally designed to help kids in expressing their own desires when it comes to coloring and drawing different things. The bright colors that this application has will surely make your kids more enthusiastic and happy and they can actually save their masterpiece on their phone or tablet. This application includes features like different bright colors, 18 brushes that kids can choose from, and they could also share their doodles in different social media like in Facebook and Twitter.

  1. iStoryBooks

iStoryBooks is an Android App that includes many children stories that is truly inspiring where kids can learn a lot of moral lessons. This application is very kid friendly and they can use this even without the supervision of their parents. iStoryBooks shows great illustrations, readable excerpts as well as include voice narration that kids will really enjoy. Many stories are included in this app like Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, the Ugly Duckling and Jack and the Beanstalk. It is one of the best educational android app for kids.

  1. Lego Trains

This is truly one of the best android applications for kids especially if they are just starting to get used to a touch screen feature of a gadget This android game will give your kids the feeling of driving a train to different station, building bridges, loading wagons with products and crossing roads. Kids also have the privilege of choosing the tracks for their train. Overall, this application will help your kids be more creative in their own way.

  1. Little Things Forever

Little Things Forever is an application that will bring the best out of your kids patience when it comes to seeking object with other variety of things that surroundsit. This finding game is not as simple as it seems but it is one of the best android apps that you could ever offer to your kids. Many says that puzzles can be a good exercise for the brain because this game involves a lot of finding things puzzles, this will really be helpful to your kids cognitive development.

  1. Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Water has become one of the most downloaded game worldwide and has grabbed an award for being a Game of the Year. This cool game is a full packed of challenging puzzles that will surely be a hit to all kids. This game will let your kids’ brain do all the work by thinking on how to guide the water by digging down to Swapy’s (the character in the game) broken shower. Some challenges will include getting all the ducks to have more points, avoid rocks so that the water will flow smoothly and also challenges that will let you find hidden items that will unlock bonus levels. This is a fun game that will surely be a means of entertainment to all kids. It will enhance learning of your kid by improving puzzle solving skills.

  1. Hoopa City

Hoopa City App will let your kids’ imagination be creative and open to exploring different things by building their own community. This app will allow you to mix or combine different materials to build houses, building, establishments, roads and make your own village or city. This application promotes the idea that kids can express their thoughts by showing their creativity and talent that will surely develop through the years. A much recommended app for kids of all age.

If you are traveling with your kids, these android applications will make your kids busy on the way. These educations apps are designed to enhance the imagination of your kid. Your kids must use these applications under your guidance.