It’s Ready, It’s Uploaded, Now What? It’s time to promote your android app. Trust me, It’s simple.

Great, you have finally finished making your Android app and it’s uploaded to the App Store. Okay, how do others find it? If no one knows even the simple things about your app, what its named, what it does, what it works on, its chances of being downloaded and praised like you’d want it to be go for a “flying bye-bye” right out the window. This is where promoting your apps helps.

What is Promoting?

Promoting is the methods used by individuals and companies of whatever size to let people know about their product/services. With the use of promoting, you have a means to really gain lots of attention, hopefully not negative attention, for your product/service or in this case, your Android app. The upside is, get the promoting done properly and your app gains a lot of attention. The downside is, get something wrong after using whichever promoting method, heavily or otherwise, and it amounts to disaster for your app. Even with a tiny or no budget for promoting your app, it’s still possible.

The Main Rule You Should ALWAYS Follow to promote android app.

Even before you attempt to promote your app, do your best to follow the main rule of software developing. Make it work first and then make it “pretty”. This applies to all forms of software developing. In following the main rule, you’d already have done the testing of your app on as many devices as you can (supported devices list). Also, it would already have plenty in the way of error handling. Find few more suggestions below.

  1. Hire testers or get friends/family to help you. Once you’re certain that the app is working as you’re going to advertise it, make it look good.
  2. Things like a really nice icon for your app can literally work wonders.
  3. Nice looking and clearly labeled screens/graphics/controls can seriously help produce more users rather than more questions. It’s already well known that a good looking app can certainly gain lots of attention. Make it a good looking app that works properly and you gain the attention you’d really want.

Quite simply, promoting a piece of space trash app is going to get you nothing but problems.

app promotion matrix

App Promotion matrix

The Various Promoting Methods:

These are listed in no particular order or preference. Just be sure to remember that there never was any one single promoting method that has proven to be the most effective. So the main recommendation it to try as many as you can willingly afford.

Method #1. Make it Free

Make it free with In-App Purchases. You can create two versions of your app as well. One is free (provide minimal functionality) while other is paid. Free apps definitely get just as much attention/downloads when they’re as good as paid apps. Once your app is found, especially if it’s free, more people actually tend to check it out at the minimum and then download it if they think they can use it. That’s how it starts. From there, the reviews and ratings kick in. That’s how it gets found easier by the App Store search engine. It depends on what your app is meant for, that’s the main deciding factor in choosing which part of this method to use. For example:

  • If it’s a game, in-app purchases of game items is the better idea.
  • For utilities or other types of apps, the buy premium/full version method has been working well when the app is fully working as advertised to begin with.
  • Of course you can also mix in all the parts as you see fit. Just be sure first because it’s not always easy to change later.

The variation is the in app advertisements. Many developers offer their app(s) free because they make money from the advertisements that are built into their app(s). There’re a lot of ups and downs to in app ads but they do work more than what they’re initially given credit for. There’s always the possibility that your app is being promoted/advertised in the app of someone else.

Method #2. Make a Website with a Forum

This one gets overlooked sometimes. The point to this is to have another place/option for your app to be described in detail, downloaded from, and provide a place where users can contact the developer(s). Having a forum on the website can potentially help in promoting your android application. It’s in the idea that most forums users will actually help others. Optimize your forum to appear on top of search engines. You will definitely get more hits.

For example: You want to promote a photo editor application.

Action Plan: Create a forum for it. Post questions which have capability to drive traffic from search engines. Below you can find ideas.

  1. How to edit a Selfie?
  2. How to compress an image in android?
  3. Best image editing application.
  4. How to include camera in your android application (programming tutorial).
  5. HD camera app for android.

Idea is to drive traffic to your forum. It will market your android application. You can use Google keyword planner to find more topics for your forum.

Method #3. Social Promotion

You can advertise your application on social networking platforms. They have real users and can boost your downloads. It is one of the best available promotion method. It is a separate topic and i have created a guide on social market your android app.

ASO for promoting android app

Method #4. App Store Optimization (ASO).

The aim for ASO is no different than Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The difference is that ASO mostly targets the App Store search engine and SEO targets every online search engine. The idea behind ASO is to make your app appear at the top of the App Store search results or at the minimum, very close to the top. Things like a nice/descriptive app name, single keywords associated with your app/app name, and a really nice looking app icon can vastly improve the attention your app gets from the App Store search engine. The profile page of your app is also of very high importance. Be sure to use a well thought out description and clear screenshots of your app. Screenshots with descriptions on them work out better as long as they don’t obscure the view of the things in your app they’re talking about.

Method #5. The XDA Developers Forums

One of the best, if not THE biggest, Android resources currently out there. The site itself pops up on so many Android related searches that it’s not even remotely funny. So things like ASO and SEO are not as big a concern. Getting your app on this site would be doing yourself a spectacular favor. If you app gets good replies to it rather than more questions/doubts here, you’re GOLDEN. Bragging rights earned all around for you and your app. The downside to this is you better be ready to support your app there just in case something goes wrong. On this site, you better do everything “like a professional” or else you’re begging for problems and should not bother.

Method #6. App Store Reviews

This one has several options for you. The thing to remember is that any negative review/rating here can seriously hurt the chances of your app(s) to get attention/downloads. Yes, low ratings DO lower the ranking of your app(s) in the search engine of the App Store. The trick to this is to be able to reply to users and fix any problems quickly as much as possible. It’s in hopes the user review/rating and your app ranking will go up.

The typically used first option is where friends and family can really help out. Have your friends and/or family members download the app and write a review. Just make sure you exclude the friends and family members that are currently not happy with you. The other part is to request they make it a natural/honest sounding review.

Method #7. Review Sites.

There’re a number of web sites available that will list your app. Getting your app onto their home page is the aim. Sites like Android Central  and AppAdvice can certainly help. Send in your app to them and hope for the best. Then again, you won’t have to hope so much if your app was following the main rule. Then it’s a matter of how useful it is and/or how entertaining it is.

All in all, this list of methods to promote your Android app can keep a person busy for quite a long time and it’s not even the full list of methods. Not even close. Anyone can promote an app. It’s really not that difficult and in most cases doesn’t take much in the way of time, money, and effort. The real tricks are to follow the main rule and get as creative as you like/can with these methods to get your app found.