Android phones have always been powerful devices for your business or leisure needs. From games, music and video calls to mails and document editing, Androids have emerged astrusted devices for entertainment, connectivity and on the-go multitasking. Lately, the technological advancement of Android phones has been on an exponential rate. The day is not far when these handhelddevices will be at par with laptops in terms of portable data processing capabilities. But sadly there is a catch.

Why do we need a battery saver App?

The catch here is that their power consumption is very high. Due to the size of phones, they don’t have much room to squeeze in a battery of considerable rating. No matter how expensive or good a phone may be, its battery will ditch you when you need it the most and soon you’ll be searching for power management apps. But the one question of the best battery saving app is always there. Well, don’t worry for you don’t need to look any further than Battery Time Saver & Optimizer to fulfil your power saving needs.

Review of Battery Saver and Optimizer App

Available on Google play for free, this 8.45 MB app, developed by Liquidium Limited, is the best when it comes to curbing those pesky background apps which drain away your phone’s power. This makes it a light but efficient power saver for your phone.Battery time has a user friendly and simple interface. It consists of 3 sections; the standby time, one touch power saver and bottom panel.


The one touch power saver primarily kills all unnecessary background apps. The screen brightness, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi statuses are changed depending on the available battery percentage.For example, background apps will be killed at 90 percent battery while Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will also be switched off at 25 percent, that too on user’s permission. In case a Bluetooth headset or an Android Gear is used, the user can skip these connectivity checks from the settings. The extended battery runtime is conveniently shown afterwards. Therefore the usersare relieved from customizing a power plan. Since the main objective of the app is to increase the battery life,all the planning andworks will be done by the app itself.

The standby time panel shows the approximate time before the battery runs out if your phone remains inactive. Furthermore, the effect of various features like 3G video calling, music, etc. on the battery life are also displayed in the drop-down menu. These estimates or forecasts help users plan their activities should the need to use these heavy featuresarise.The bottom panel is for tweaking the brightness, sleep timer, auto-sync timer, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi status.

Ease of use

Speaking in terms of performance of app, it is very easy to use mostly because of its one touch feature. To see how reliable the app is,I tested it in three different situations. Situation one was at 90 percent battery, situation 2 was at 40 percent while situation 3 was during charging from 33 percent.

battery settings to enhance backup

Battery Test

At 90 percent, the app estimated a standby time of 16 hours and video playback time of 3 hours and 45 minutes. I watched one video of three hours before the battery reached 30 percent. But since the brightness settings of the media player was at full, I must say that the battery forecast was accurate to certain degree

The observations were same in situations 2 and 3 as the forecast given be Battery Time matched in real time as well. For full charging, the app gave me an estimated time of 2 hours and 5 minutes. The actual time of charging was 2 hours on 15 minutes which include using a messenger periodically. So the result is in favor of Battery Time as it satisfactorily and accurately caters to the battery saving requirements.

What makes it different than another apps?

So what makes Battery Time better than other power saving apps? For me, it is the simplicity of the app. It serves the purpose of power saving and reliable battery forecasts without any extra information and tedious customizations. Apart from accuracy, I really liked the app’s pleasantinterface design, with its white background and blendinggraphics. The little notification box in the top right hand corner is an added bonus. It contains little tips and tricks that help improving your phone’s battery conditions. And finally, Battery Time is much lighter than other power management apps.

battery time left

Summary : Battery Time Saver & Optimizer

  1. Developer : Liquidium Limited.
  2. Size : 8.45 MB.
  3. Size after download : 13.21 MB internal memory.
  4. Salient Features : Light, One touch power saving, adjusts power plan according to battery percentage, accurate battery forecasts.
  5. Price : Free
  6. Available on Google Play.

Needless to say, with such features, Battery Time is the best app I have come across so far to increase the battery backup time. Download battery saver app and experience it yourself.