Have you ever tried accessing a website or YouTube video and found it inaccessible because of your location? Do you want your net browsing to be private but often feel that your data is at risk and you want to keep it safe? Watching movies on Netflix, playing online games without the lagging of an ISP, or using a Wi-Fi network without the fear of being spied on: does this perfect reality actually exist? Yes, and it is achieved with what is called a ‘Virtual Private Network’.

What is a A Virtual Private Network ?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN), simply put, is a method of pushing your network traffic through a server remotely located, allowing you to send and receive data as if you were in a different location. If any of you are feeling overwhelmed by this virtual network concept, have no fear, Rocket VPN is here!  Rocket VPN is a simple app dedicated to helping even the most novice of tech users to achieve the “location” or IP address they desire.

About Rocket VPN

While using Rocket VPN, all the pesky procedures, hacks, and downloads will be taken care of by the application.  Not only is this app extremely user friendly, it also provides users with a safe and secure network, protecting them from harmful viruses or spywares which could comprise personal date you have on your device.  You can also forget about all the location related restrictions imposed by your browser, Rocket VPN will grant you access to services and content on the web typically not permitted in your city or location. Now you can chill and watch Netflix even in Vietnam, or watch a YouTube video that is not even available in your country.

vpn app in android

This application has a 4.2 rating on the Play Store, and the application’s developer, Liquidum, is badged by the Google Play store as a Top Developer! With over a million downloads, it takes approximately 18Mb of space, which is quite fair for the kind of tasks the app does for you. The application is available for FREE on the Google Play store to download, which entitles users to a net access limit of 500MB per month.  For unlimited access Rocket VPN will cost $2.99 per month or $29.99 annually.

How to start the VPN service?

To start the VPN service open the application and once the application finishes loading, select the region you want to change your location to from the drop down menu (the most optimized with the maximum speed is prompted on top). Once you select a location, the application will give you a dialogue box which will ask you whether you want to proceed further. On clicking Ok , the application will connect you to the server and you are good to go. You can disconnect at anytime by clicking on the Disconnect button.

configure rocket vpn in android

Comparing it with other application

As most of the VPN applications, it also does provide you with a lower net speed than the actual internet speed but the loss of speed is not much, as all your data goes through a server located at a remote location.
Rocket VPN also showcases a very unique feature that other applications in this category do not have; you can give different locations to different applications as per your need and have those applications think your current location is wherever you deem fit.

connecting to other country through vpn

Final Verdict?

If you go through the Play store you could find that there are a lot of VPN services out there, but if you want an application with the easiest and cleanest GUI, with a very low price; Rocket VPN is the best in its area according to us. If you really want to go through a VPN service, you should definitely give it a GO.

Note: Get Rocket VPN from Google play store.

Summery : Rocket VPN

1. Developer : Liquidium Limited.
2. Size : 18 MB.
3. Size after download : 41.91 MB internal memory.
4. Salient Features : Clean, allows you to privately browse the net, bypass all location barriers.