Android has become the most widely used mobile operating system across the globe. We all enjoy the free operating system and the gazillion free applications it offers. But what most of you forget during the use of applications is that they create a lot of trash and cache which is not visible. Also, many of these applications involve background processes which consume much of your RAM and leaves users facing problems like lagging or slow performance.

What is the solution?

It is here, where ‘The Cleaner’ comes to your rescue. The cleaner is a free Application that solves these issues in just a click. It cleans your junk, frees up storage and also gives your phone a Boost, so that you get the maximum performance from your device, at all times. And for all you gamers out there, this application comes equipped with a game boost for heavy games that lag and keep you waiting for a millennium!

About ‘The Cleaner’ App
the cleaner app for android

The application has a pretty decent rating on the Google Play Store of 4.4, with over 5 million downloads. It has a very simple and straight-forward GUI which makes it easy to use, even those who are not tech-addicts. It also clears unwanted phone calls and SMS records from the device.

analyse junk data using cleaner


The other great thing about this application is that it scans your phone for malicious applications and uninstalls anything that is flagged as malware, providing quick and functional security. The application is fairly small in size and doesn’t occupy too much memory, either!
However, I would have to say the most amazing feature of the application is the Game Booster. This helps your phone play games lag free as it clears the majority of RAM and background processes, giving maximum running space to the game, and enhancing the performance of the boost using cleaner app


How to give any application a Game Boost?
Click on the Red game item on the first Screen. Select the game you want to have the boost for and click on install. In our case, since it was already installed we will click on re-install and it will take you to a icon on your home screen from where you can choose your games to apply the boost to.

game booster in android

How is it better than other applications in its category?

In comparing The Cleaner with a similar popular application, we found the interface of the other application much less informative, and difficult to understand. While with The Cleaner everything was readily available, fairly straight forward, and easy to understand. During this analyzing process, the other application took longer to work, and it even deleted personal images and sent files without my permission. The Cleaner easily cleaned 540 MB from our phone during the test. During the test for the memory boost the application on an average cleaned 130MB to 180MB giving a boost of 16-18% to the phone.
For me, the main area where The Cleaner excels is the Game Booster. From light games like Clash of Clans to heavier ones like NFS; we experience a seamless and trouble free performance. It also has an application manager where you can manage all the installed applications on your phone. You can see and sort your applications in various ways, giving permissions and choosing which applications to keep and which to uninstall. These feature were not seen in any other cleaner app at all.

cleaner custom configuration

Final Verdict?

In a nutshell, this application is a must for everyone’s phone: to keep them clean, fast and lag-free. It does what it says and does, and it does it well!  During the time we had the application in use, and on our phone, we had a faster performance, and a more than satisfying game experience. What more could one ask for?

Don’t forget to download the cleaner android app from playstore.

Summery : The Cleaner

1. Developer : Liquidium Limited.
2. Size : 6.5 MB.
3. Size after download : 13.21 MB internal memory.
4. Salient Features : Light, Fast, Memory boost and Game boost.