Smart homes are no longer something one looks up in technology and home décor magazines and points at and wishes for. The installation of appliances with smart applications has become an integral part of everyday homes. People are now in favor of automating homes as it makes life less stressful and more manageable. One can keep a tab on the pulse of the house from anywhere in the world and at any time. There are various applications to choose from. They range from home surveillance applications, lighting and heating applications to pet feeding and flower watering applications and devices.


When choosing an application and the associated device, there are many things to consider. One should consider cost and gage this against the expected life of the device. It is also important to look at how the appliance integrates with the other systems in the house. For those interested in interior design, they can pick appliances with superior aesthetics. For instance, there are some thermostats whose mother companies have partnered with paint companies so that when the appliance is installed, the surrounding area is painted a specific color so that the appliance contributes to the overall aesthetic feel in the home. It is important to identify the actuators used in the devices that one buys. Most actuators are twelve volts and replacements in case they wear out can be found in 12v actuators store. This essay looks at the best android applications that one can install at home and the linear motion systems and actuators found in most devices.



All android applications are connected to their associated devices. These devices may range from a simple thermostat or sprinkler to a robotic mop or floor scrubber. What are common in these largely varying devices are their integral parts. All are made up of linear motion systems, actuators or both. These systems are responsible for any motion be it lateral, horizontal or rotational. They are therefore the make or break of any automation system. They come in different voltages and thrusts. It is therefore very important to make sure they come from a reputable company that is easily accessible in case one needs replacements. 



The first applications that anybody looking to automate their house should look at are the heating, cooling and lighting ones. There are several providers who give the user the control of their homes at the click of a button. These include but are not limited to NEST and Insteon Hub. One can set up routines and schedules for all connected devices. This means that one can set for the child’s light or the television to go automatically off at nine o’clock every night. One can integrate motion sensors into their lighting system such that the lights automatically come on once one walks into a room. The next big thing that people consider is home security and surveillance. One can download an application that monitors any motion be it at the doors or windows and automatically sends images and alerts to their android tablet or phone in case of anything. These applications are connected to cameras, door or window locks or strategically placed motion sensors. This means that the user can check in on their home and see what is going on. It also counts for faster burglar alerts as the notifications are sent directly to one’s phones. They include Home Watcher from Samsung and Elkdroid Security. Most of these applications come with a user guide and are also pocket friendly. Most also come with free device installation services. There is therefore no excuse for anyone not to go android.