There’re an enormous amount of apps for rooted Android devices (phones and tablets). Trying to pick something useful can be a daunting task. Consider the number of apps currently available. Then consider the amount of them that need a rooted device. Yes, the list does decrease in size. However, it’s still a pretty gigantic list. The aim here is for useful tools/apps that are meant to be used on rooted Android devices. Do note that these come in no specific order.

List of Apps for Rooted Android

App #1: Hosts Editor for rooted android

Hosts Editor does just as the name implies. Edits the hosts file. This app has a variety of options for doing so. The hosts file on a computer is mostly meant for blocking IP addresses. It’s no different on Android. For Android, you add the URL of the site/server you want to block, and anything from that address won’t be able to get anything to your device. It comes in handy for blocking ad servers, adult content servers (if needed), and testing your app on a server. The downside is that any misspelled URLs will make sure it’s not working properly. The upside is the sheer amount of blocking, which helps reduce data usage.

host editor for rooted android

App#2: No Frills CPU Control

There’s so much talk about controlling the CPU speeds of an Android device, especially when it’s talk about rooting. But there’re also a lot of nervous users that are worried about frying their device in the process. That’s where this app really helps. It provides a method to try out different CPU speeds and settings while at the same time, has a safety mechanism built in. Basically, you can experiment with your CPU speeds primarily all you want. This app won’t permanently apply those changes until it’s sure they’re working properly. Once applied, make sure the “apply on boot” is checked and you simply reboot your device. The downside is that there’s a chance it might not work on your specific device. Don’t let that prevent you from giving this app a try.

cpu control on rooted android

App #3: 3C Toolbox (also known as Android Tuner)

Even though this app works on standard devices, it’s best suited for rooted device. It has a huge amount of features to handle so many different aspects and that’s putting it extremely lightly. Among them are Battery Saver, Network Manager, Application Manager, Terminal Editor, System Monitor, Device Manager, and various others. The upside to this app happens to be the exact same as the downside. So many utilities built into one app. Yes, this can be overwhelming to beginners. Even some “advanced” users might be scratching their heads on some features.
3c toolbox

App #4: Ad Block Plus

This one does just as the name implies, blocks ads from other apps. Said ads can easily get in the way and get annoying pretty quick. This app shows you a list of your apps/games and allows you chose what to block. The upside is that most would aim for all of them. The downside is still a problem for the developers that use those ads to generate income to further develop the app. This is actually why so many developers use the ads in the first place. The other problem, even though it’s a minor problem, is that you have to sideload this app. It’s no longer available in the Google Play Store.

ad block

App #5: DataSync for android

This one can be hours of entertainment. The idea behind this app is to backup and restore your device on another device. Gamers really like this one because many of them like to switch to higher end devices to play their games. Others really like it when upgrading to a higher end device. It’s even being used as a replacement to Titanium Backup. The upside is that it has worked very well and has various options for backup and restore. It can use Cloud, local WiFi, and even Bluetooth. The downside is that it doesn’t work for every device.

synchronize data on android

App #6: Root Browser

This is one of the better File Explorer/Manager type apps for rooted devices. Basically, it’s everything you’d ever want in a file manager and comes with a good sized list of features. Look inside various files/.APKs you have, edit them, zip, and many more options. The downside is that it can go buggy on some devices and some are convinced that it’s very technically inclined meaning it’s not meant for beginners. This app is also included in ROM Toolbox. ROM Toolbox is for downloading and installing/switching custom ROMs.

root browser

App #7: Free Tethering Unlocker

This one turned out to be a joy for so many. It does just as the name implies, bypasses the APN restrictions on your Android device and opens up the tethering options. Tethering is simply using your Android device as a hotspot so that other devices can connect to the internet with it. The hotspot is not limited to just mobile devices. PCs, laptops, and pretty much whatever other WiFi devices you want to attach to it can use your device as a hotspot to go online. It’s working on WiFi and connected via USB. The downside to all this is that the app needs to be run each time unless you buy the premium version. That and as always, it won’t work on every device. Also note, when using your Android device as a hotspot, your connection speed is limited to the speed that the device is connecting at.

tethering unlocker

Why these Apps are best for rooted device?

If you haven’t rooted your device yet, you can learn to root android. If you are confused about rooting, you can checkout benefits of rooting. Now it’s a matter of why use these apps/why are these apps “the best”? There’re so many other choices for these things and yet, here sits these specific apps. There’re a couple of reasons. The first being they’re all free. No, free does not always mean it’s “the best”. However, these apps provide so much that it’s pretty difficult to tell the differences. Next is that they’re already proven. These things are not just “born at night, it was last night” kind of apps. They have been around plenty long enough to make a name for themselves. Then it’s a matter of being easy to find and download. Each one is easily found in the Google Play Store. You won’t have to look long. They’re puny in size so it won’t take long to download them. The largest one in this list is only 10MB. Lastly, they’re really not that hard to use. Just about anyone can figure them out with a little practice and time. Things that are normally needed while learning anything.