The number of different Android smartwatches is not very large. The number of Android Wear apps is not only large, it’s getting bigger. Just like the typical Android device (phones and tablets) apps anyone can download from the Google Play Store, Android Wear apps are specifically made for smartwatches. Just like the Android device apps, there are free and paid apps. The fun part is that Google has a section of Hand Picked Android Wear apps on play store. The other fun part is that there’s even an Android Wear app that you can use to specifically find other Android Wear apps. The list is growing and includes many things like you’d find on your Android devices. Games, music players, social networking apps, watch faces, etc. You can also find Android Wear apps by searching for “Android Wear” (no quotes) in the Google Play Store. Or, if you know the name of a specific app you’d want, all the better.

Apps For Android Wear Smartwatches

There’s a wide variety of Android Wear apps out there. Here’s a list of apps that hopefully will either be useful, fun, or both for you. These apps are meant to be pretty helpful in the configuration and use of your smartwatch.

#1. Store For Android Wear

Description: This is an app manager. It allows you to search apps specifically for Android Wear smartwatches. You can search for, download and install, and uninstall apps. There’s also a categories list to help you locate apps a little faster. It also has a news ticker.

android wear store

#2. Android Wear (the app)

Description: This app links/pairs and configures your smartwatch. DO NOTE: This app is used when a default app to link and configure your smartwatch was not included or was somehow lost. For example, when buying a second hand device, sometimes things are not included.

link phone and wear

Games for Android watch

Yes, no one is happy until the fun and games show up. Here’s a couple to try out.

#1. Whoopee Wear

Description: A little something special for you jokers out there!! This one also allows you to record your own farts. But the fun is only part of it. It can also be used as your notifications tone and used to locate your Android device.

fart android app

#2. Guns’ n’ Glory Heroes – Wear

Description: It’s a tower defense game that you can play directly on your smartwatch. A tower defense game has a set of creatures that travel along a predefined path. Your job is to kill them all before they reach the end of the path. This one features spells, power ups, and gives you extra lives when you’re walking. So if you’re a fan of tower defense games this one should keep you busy and give you some exercise at the same time. The odd part is, I’m not sure if anyone would want to play and be walking around at the same time (be careful!!).

#3. TetroCrate

Description: This is a 3D puzzle game that combines various block games together. Elements of games like Tetris, Mahjong, and break out are mixed into one game for your smartwatch. It’s been known to be very addictive.

game for android wear

Android Wear Apps for Fitness

There are many that want to have a smartwatch to help them with their exercise workouts. It’s one of the highlights of having a smartwatch. Here’s some apps intended for that purpose.

The apps here that include heart rate and/or other monitors depend on which sensors come with your smartwatch.

  1. Wear Fitness Personal Trainer (A.K.A. VimoFit)
    Lots of features and tracking capabilities come with this app. For anyone that’s really concerned about their workout, this one has various personal trainer audios and videos to help you out. It can track your progress and results. It also allows you to create a fitness routine for specific body parts.
  2. Strava Running and Cycling GPS
    This one allows you to track various details about your running and riding. You can create a route to take. You can also post to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so you and your friends can either help or heckle (for you “great friends”) each other. It also includes a leaderboard and monthly challenge which can be used in a competitive sense and to help motivate you. There’re in-app purchases to get premium features.
  3. Endomondo Running Cycling Walk
    Personal trainer app for your smartwatch. This app has a wide variety of features and comes with social networking features. The claim from this app is that your workout type won’t matter. It’s supposed to keep you motivated to continue your workout no matter which exercise you’re doing. You are given many features as found in other fitness apps and this one has a challenge setup so you can win prizes too.
    fitness app for android

Some other apps:

Here are some more Android Wear apps for your smartwatch. A little something extra for you in hopes you find them useful.

1) Google Play Music
A music player for your smartwatch. Both free and paid versions allow you to store your music online and offline. You can share a full song that you bought with your friends. The paid version has better features for listening to the radio.

2) Wear Reader

Description: An eBook reader for your smartwatch. The main difference for this reader is that it flashes the words of the eBook on your smartwatch one by one. You can set the speed of how quick they show up. It has rewind and fast forward features so you can go back and forth for anything you might have missed. It has a night mode (in hopes your night time reading won’t blind you) and can handle text, PDF, ePub, and docx file formats.

ebook reader for android wear

3) OneNote for Android Wear

A transcribing app for Android Wear that connects to OneNote on your Android device. You use the specific voice command on your smartwatch. Once activated, you talk, it types. Once it’s done, it gets saved into your Quick Notes. The usefulness comes in a little extra when someone working as a transcriber uses it to do their work. It’s not just a simple note taker.

Watch Faces:

There are plenty of watch faces currently available. Many of which are free. You also have several methods to change and configure them. Usually a method comes with your smartwatch. But an app like Facer can also help you. What these faces do is change the appearance of your smartwatch. Not the actual design, just the displayed contents of the screen. So at a glance, you can see the time and whatever else you configured it to display. The fun part is that the faces can make your smartwatch look like a Timex and whenever later, you can change it to look like a “fancy pants” type of watch. With the use of things like Android Studio, you can even make your own watch faces.

Customizing is one of the main points to Android. Features and usefulness is another. It’s not that much different in Android Wear. As these devices keep showing up and ideas for them keep doing the same, the apps lists will keep growing. These apps listed here are just some of the mountain of what’s currently available for Android Wear. Now it’s just a matter of which ones you’d like to use and which ones will work for your devices.

How do I install apps on my Android smartwatch?

That’s easy, you primarily don’t. That’s right, the apps typically install onto your Android version 4.3 and higher device(s). DO NOTE: Android 4.3 or higher is REQUIRED. Anyone that has downloaded and installed apps from the Google Play Store onto their device(s) already knows how to install Android Wear apps. The process is really no different. The differences are that some of these apps will run on your Android device and some will run from your smartwatch. Some can control your Android device from the smartwatch and vice versa. Basically, you install it like any other app on your device(s). But instead of having an icon on your Android device, it gets added to the list of apps you can launch on your smartwatch (app dependant).

Some apps are launched via typical swiping and selecting/tapping on your smartwatch. But many can also be setup to run via voice command. The typical voice command setup will start with the words “Ok Google” and then the actual command. This comes in impressively handy for people with large fingers. Just remember that many apps will need to be run while your smartwatch is paired with your Android device. Also remember that you have to find out the hard way if it works well with the way you talk (accents, etc).