If you are interested in learning android application development by referring best android books, then you are at right place. All the books listed here are best for both beginners and experienced android programmers. Let us not waste our time and see the top 5 best android application development books.

Android Books

You can refer any of the books listed below. All of them provides great resources on Android application development.

Professional Android 4 Application Development


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Professional Android 4 application development is a great resource to learn android programming. It is one of the best android books you should refer. The book expects to have some basic knowledge of java programming language. Book covers the basics of the android in the first five chapters. There is a separate dedicated chapter on using resources from the internet. Topics like database and content providers in android are covered in detail. For advanced user topics like sensors, WI-fi, Bluetooth and NFC are presented with detailed explanation in this book.

Who should you buy this book?

One who is looking to learn about sensors. UI is not covered in detail.

Below you can find few more details about wrox android book.

  1. Number of Pages: 864.
  2. Publisher: Wiley.
  3. Chapters: 20+.

Next, for beginners there is a book named Android Application Development Black Book (With KitKat Support).

latest book

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This black book covers all topics of android application development. First chapter includes basics of android environment. You learn to setup the IDE  for android. This android book covers topics like JSON, XML, NFC, Threads and Services. One of the most important feature of this book is that it provides articles on NDK. You can use C and C++ for this purpose.

Who should you buy this book?

One who is looking to learn data parsing in android. If you are looking for introduction to native development kit in android then you can refer this book.

Few more details.

  1. Number of Pages: 580.
  2. Publisher: Dreamtech Press.
  3. Chapters: 16.

Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

android ranch book

This book provides hands on examples on android application development. It is based on popular bootcamp program. In each chapter you build an app. Either you start with new application or extend the old one. So, this book mainly covers practical expects of android programming. Learn android programming by following big nerd guide.

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So, I am reviewing android books and updating them on regular basis. You can also comment in the section below. Refer the best books you know and help others. Thank You for reading.

Who should you buy this android book?

If you are looking for step by step practical app development then this android book is for you. Here you learn to create live apps.

How to start learning android application development

You should start with android IDE setup. Create a hello world program in android. Then move to basics of activity and intents. Learn to switch between activities by using intents. Learn to use the listview in android. Add checkbox to listview and make it more customized by using custom adapters. Then learn 4 components of android application which are services, activity, broadcast receiver and content providers.