Every parent only wants what is best for their children. The best care, the best guidance and the best education that they could provide. One of the best gifts that a parent could give is their support to their children’s needs. At a very young age, babies and toddlers are now starting to develop their sense of curiosity and parents should be aware on how to address such curiosity by giving them the right guidance.

Nowadays, due to the fast approach of technology, many applications are now being created to help parents guide their children to different activities that may introduce their children to a variety of skills such as problem solving, familiarization with colors, as well as encourage them to have fun while learning. Parents should also be aware that babies and toddlers are still not old enough to be left with a Smartphone or tablet so parents should have time to be with their child while they play and use their gadget, this can also be a good way for the parent and child to initiate a good bonding moment. Here are some of the best and educational android applications that will surely be loved by your babies and toddlers. If you are looking for shopping for babies and kids then you can save with coupons for firstcry. The store is famous for products related to babies and kids.

List of Android Apps for Toddlers and Baby

#1. Animal Farm for Kids

Animal farm for kids will simply make your child’s mind work on its own. This application allows your child’s imagination to work as if they are really in a farm. They have to provide the animals such as chickens, ducks, cows, as well as pigs their basic needs. Your child will also be aware as to where the milk, cheese, honey came from. They will also be allowed to fix a fence or replace the tires on the tractor. With this, their mind will be stimulated on how things work. This great application is good for kids between 2-4 years old.

android apps for kids

#2. Toddler Coloring Book – App to improve imagination.

This is an awesome application that will help your kids’ develop their sense of color as well as their sense of organizing what is appropriate or not in coloring a certain picture. This will also increase their level of concentration and creativity while they are playing this game. Your child will definitely have fun in creating their own creative output that they can share to their whole family and friends.

toddler coloring book

#3. Baby learning card fruits and vegetables

This great android application is designed for children between 1 to 4 years old. Your kids will get the chance to be familiar with at least 48 kinds of fruits and vegetables in a fun way. When your child uses this application, a photo of a fruit or a vegetable will appear with its name and voice name. You and your child will also have the chance to record the name of the fruit or vegetable because of its recording feature. This application also has inside games that will require your child to interact with the device by touching the correct photo or name of the fruit or the vegetable. This will definitely be a fun and educational application for your little one.

cards app for kids

#4. Puzzles for Kids – Animals

This application is a jigsaw puzzle game that will help your children to develop their matching and fine motor skills. It has at least 84 different animal puzzles like horse, cow, pig, sheep, duck, chicken, donkey, frog dolphin, penguin and a lot more. This game is designed for toddlers for their sake of learning and fun familiarization with animals because it also has voice that will encourage your child and motivate them to continue in learning vocabulary and memory skills. This game has a great animation and sounds that will make your child be more enthusiastic while playing.

puzzle for kids

#5. Talking Babsy Baby – App to improve sense of caring in babies.

Talking Babsy baby is a fun and interactive game because the main character “the baby” answers with a cute baby voice and reacts to your touch. Your child will improve her sense of caring for another person or a baby by feeding her, calming her when she cries, also plays the piano with her. This game also offers exciting inside games that your child will surely enjoy.

talking app for toddler

#6. Baby Animals

Baby Animals was designed for babies that are just starting to familiarize themselves with animals. This application will also allow them to stimulate their mind by memorizing the animals that will be shown to them. A great way for your babies to develop their sense of recognizing photos as well as the sound because this application has a recording feature that is good for babies where they can immediately be familiarized with your voice whenever you say the name of the animal.

#7. Baby phone games for Babies

One of the best and highly suggested android applications for babies is the Baby phone games for Babies. This application will certainly help your child develop their skills in recognizing sounds coming from the songs that will be played. They will also have the chance to interact with the device by using the touch screen because there will be numbers and photos of animals that will appear while the songs are playing. This application will truly be a big help for your child’s development. It is one of the best available android app for toddlers.

#8. Best Kids Song

Best kids’ song is an application that is full of non-stop nursery rhymes that is popular for kids from 0-4 years old. They have stored a variety of nursery rhymes that has easy to learn song lyrics so that they could sing along whenever it is playing. This application will help in making your child be more enthusiastic when it comes to singing fun and happy songs. This is a great way for your child to learn songs and familiarity with different words.

Kids can be more adventurous when it comes to learning a lot of things and parents will always have the best role by guiding them of what will be good and bad for them. Even though there are a lot of applications that can be a big help in developing your child’s skills, this doesn’t mean that this can be the main source of their knowledge. Parents will always be responsible for proper parenting and applications will always be an alternative source for new learning.