It goes without mention that online marketers find Android the lifeline to their presence on the internet. Ask anyone in possession of a smartphone, you will find that three quarters of the people use Android as their mobile operating system. By end of last year, it was Google estimated that nearly a billion devices across the world run on the OS. To help the potential customers find a marketing site, search engine optimization (SEO) has become an indispensible tool. There are a good number of companies offering SEO in Vancouver. However, the rate and quality of service varies among different companies. OK then! Let’s now have a look at some of the best Android apps that will take your SEO and online marketing experience a notch higher.

  1. Evernote

As an online marketer, you cannot afford to lack Evernote. Sometimes it happens that you are surfing the internet on your phone then an idea strikes you abruptly. Do you that you can’t let that idea vanish? Why? Because Evernote enables you to save that thought just as you could have done for web pages, recipes, and other useful information. The good news is that it is Free!


  1. Google Analytics

Sometimes you may require quick analytics data just in a blink of an eye. Google Analytic for Android is best suited for the purpose. It features ranges from real time analysis, graphical representation of the site visitors to conversion tracking. If indeed you wish to effortlessly keep track of your websites on phone, get this app today for your own advantage.


  1. Trello

This free app is an ideal creation of Fog Creek Software. You will agree with me that coordinating all the marketing initiatives together will handling of many channels all at the same time can be not only confusing, but also a difficult undertaking. Luckily, Trello is here. The app has a to-do list manager that outshines its competitors in the market.


  1. SECockpit

Search Engine Cockpit (SECockpit) is an essential keyword generation tool that enables marketers to do research on their ideas. Some of the data provided by this app include; the price-per click, number of searches for a certain word in the previous week, and competitive analysis.


  1. HootSuite

This app has been in available for quite some time now that if you are not using it in 2015 then you are lagging behind. HootSuite is an amazing app that allows you to manage multiple social media accounts on a single interface. All you need is just a single login and there you are! And it’s free.


  1. Google Drive

With Google Drive, you have the power of making new documents, editing existing documents and even sync with other document on other Android devices. Having the power to manage you documents remotely on a mobile device is a decided plus to an online marketer.


  1. Vine

Vine has been rated as one of the best apps for video sharing in the world. As a marketer, you have the option of shooting, sharing and even watching shorter videos right from your smartphone or tablet.


  1. Flipboard

When a marketer visits apps on the Play Store, Flipboard must be one among various apps chosen. It allows one to keep up with numerous news channels.


One may say that you have got a magazine of your own judging from the information amassed from various websites, news blogs, and so on. It is not only an important toolkit, but also source of fun.