In this tutorial, we will learn to implement an Android custom listview which contains images and text data. This tutorial presents an Android listview with images example. Here you will learn to create your own custom adapter with the help of an ArrayAdapter.


To implement an Android Listview with images, we need to create two XML layout files.

  1. The first layout file will hold our listview.
  2. The second layout file will hold the row items of the listview. It will contain one imageview and one textview.



Below is the main layout file which contains the listview.


After developing the layout for the listview, we need to design its rows. To stuff the listview with images, we need to write another XML layout file which contains one image and text field.

Now we need to implement a custom adapter for our listview. We extend an arrayadapter. Each row of our listview will contain one image and one text. So we require two arrays to hold “ID of all images” and “text data”.

Next, we implement the main file of our Android listview with images example. We add an adapter to our listview. Here we have passed images as “integer ID” and text data as “name of color”.

So we learned about adding images and text to a listview in Android. I hope everything will run smoothly. If you face any issues, please feel free to ask in the comments section below.